Difficulty In Meditation – Feeling Sleepy During Meditation Practice

Meditation, which is a well known term for sure but the weird part of the story is people states too many excuses or they face difficulties for real while they meditate. Everyone knows that meditation has a giant treasure to commended one with though still most of us procrastinating to have a regular routine of meditation practices. Affirming to pro masters of Meditation London clinic, most of the people reporting that they feeling sleep while meditating. Though, falling asleep is good for health as it results in the similar way meditation do.

Sleeping Man

 However, there are some people who are suffering from sleeping problems and disorders, in formal wordings, insomnia. Though, some people feeling sleep during meditation, which is not good at all as it will keep restricts you not meditate. Well, don’t get worry if you are one of them. You can get rid of this obstacle in no time by just following few tips from the experts of meditation practices.

Tip # 1:

Most of the people stating that they had a busy schedule throughout the entire day and the only free time they get is the bed time. Though, they start meditating in bed time which most often feel like to sleep. If you have got no free time in day so try to meditate early before bed time.

Tip # 2:

Morning time has been tagged as the best time to meditate, to work out and to do all else sorts of mental activities as your brain is entirely relaxed to start working. If you are intended to meditate in early morning, expect for wholesome treasure and health.

Tip # 3:

Don’t let your free time goes waste. Most of the times we are required to wait for someone or for something during our whole day. Try to don’t miss those little chunks but to invest it in meditation practices. This will get involve your mind in meditation and yet you won’t feel sleeping when you attempt to start meditation.

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Overcome The 5 Biggest Threats To Practice Meditation Classes (Part-II)

Train Stop

3. Improper Place for Meditation:

As true to life, this should not be tagged as threats or obstacle but an excuse to meditate. Yes, there are many practitioners who are arguing they are not getting the right spot to conduct their meditation classes. But this is what over which almost every master forces that you can meditate anywhere at any spot; all what you need is to focus on your breath and incoming thoughts. Considering human psyche, if one is intended to find a better, peaceful, clam and relax space in order to done with his meditation courses, he won’t even experience.

Sleeping Girl

4. Feeling Sleepy:

Most of the people feel sleepy while doing their meditation. Though, sleep is good for health as it also perform some part of the meditation itself, relaxing your mind. While this could be the mere benefits you may expect for rather hoping for the entire treasure meditation offers. In order to overcome this, try not to meditate during bed time but morning time or anytime in a day when you are in your complete senses.

Mummy and Kids in Home

5. Too Much Disturbance:

Yes, this could be a threat to meditate as we are plainly surrounded by oodles technologies which most often disturb us during meditation practices. So whenever you are intended to conduct meditation class, make sure you have switched off your cell, alarm, TV or it could be anything surround your space. Some people have pets in their home which also play the same role in disturbing you. Though, you don’t need to be, don’t divert your mind out of meditation. You may employ your pet as a meditation object. If you a cat, hold it in your lap and keep on petting it while practicing your own meditation.